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Customer at a glance

An easy-to-read analysis of each customer that can prepare you for a customer conversation in a few seconds.

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Prioritize opportunities and risks

Help your sales reps find their next best action without spending time analyzing data. icortica does this for you.

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Power Search

A powerful search engine helps you find the right group of customers based on health, journey stage, size, opportunity, risk, and more.

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Basic Reporting

Instant access to sales, active customer count, customer acquisition, average sales per customer, and retention statistics in a beautifully simple interface.

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Classify Customers by Health, Journey Stage, Size, and more

icortica analyzes your data and classifies your customers by their behaviors continuously.

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Customizable Dashboards

Reps can easily see all the KPIs for their territory in one place. Business owners can see the entire business from a bird's eye view.


Save notes and associate them with customers

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Generate and assign tasks associated with customers or deals

Deal Management Pipeline

Know the value of your pipeline at all times. Track high value deals with a powerfully simple drag and drop interface.

Automation Workflows

Trigger marketing emails and assign tasks to your team to make sure your company handles risks and opportunities consistently, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Advanced Reporting

Over 20 powerful reports growing every day. Start with a high-level view of your business and drill down to see the specific customers who contribute that each metric.

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