Keep and Grow your Customers

We help you have the right conversation with the right customers at the right time so you can grow efficiently.

Company Opportunity Size
Glover – Bradtke $7 , 200
Murazik , Donnelly & Kris $1 , 940
King – Wisozk $1 , 754
Collier – Hilll $1 , 425
Wyman And Sons $1 , 197
Rolfson – Von $1 , 138

icortica finds and prioritizes your opportunities & risks continuously

Spend less time analyzing and more time talking with the right customers

See your opportunities in plain english

No more analyzing reports.

Prepare for a customer conversation in seconds

icortica analyzes the customer situation for you. You’ll save hours and you’ll be prepared to have the right conversation.

Grow your sales per customer methodically with workflows

Implement repeatable process across your business and hold people accountable to follow through.

email #1
Assign Task to Rep
email #2

Coach your sales team in real time

Help your reps make the most of the conversation with key points they need in that moment.

Search and target customers like never before.

No more analyzing reports.

Date Severity Customer Comment
icon 9/29/2020 7 Spencer, Inc Bill was disappointed that we sent the basic platform instead
icon 9/20/2020 8 Metz, LLC Carrie was very angry that 20% of the connector are breaking.

Surface satisfaction issues before it’s too late.

Icortica analyzes CRM notes and buying behavior to surface issues so you can take action right away